My opinion on Recharged

Recharged is the second remix album of LinkinPark , as the first  » Reanimation  » , there may be strong reactions and not necessarily positive. Indeed, at first listen , it notes with dismay that the musical style is not at all the same as we had announced « A light that never comes  » . For me, it did not stop me the cd , what some of you do, but on the contrary it made me arrested . In fact, it is immersed in a totally different world , an invitation to travel is started and still replay to understand the strange world that is reminiscent of recharge, the game For those who do not know the game, it is a futuristic game where you must fight for resources that are scarce .

So imagine yourself in a modern world where technology replaces musical instruments and enter into the world of Recharged . There you will find , Castle of Glass very confidential , Lost in the Echo a marvel for the ears where the voices of Chester and Mike find themselves put in valeur. Victimized hardcore style that fits perfectly with the spirit of the original, I’ll be gone was entitled to two remixes, the first (Vice Remix) included raps , and the second ( Schoolboy Remix) is more rhythmic and only Chester this . Lies greed Misery that I like a lot is probably the one where I hang at least in my opinion it lacks the motor rhythm of this piece. Untraveled roads , surprisingly enough , more alive than the original. Powerless , I’m not particularly fond of the base becomes much more attractive . Burn it down keeps the rhythm of the original but with fewer votes . Until it breacks also entitled to two versions, the first ( Dtasik Remix ) is quite repetitive , the second ( Money Mark Remix Headphone ) is working with different sounds that break the repetitive aspect of the piece . Skin to bone is the best for me , interrupted rhythms , voices, songs and raps . And finally, we have the right to a second version of A light that never comes , softer less Aoki course . To conclude this album, very worked , highlights the voices of Mike and Chester while keeping the spirit Living Thing , a small and very entertaining interlude while waiting for a full album ….


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